Tuning my Jetta (need advice)


2012 Jetta
Hey, I've come to this forum due to the fact that I know little about cars, aside from the fact that I went with the Jetta due to the fact that I needed a car that can handle a Canadian winter, gets good gas mileage and is safe. Basically, I'd like to add a little bit of speed to my new car. It's a 2012 Jetta, FWD, 2.0L Trendline+, 6 speed automatic with Tiptronic and sport mode if that helps.

So here are my questions...

If I'm looking for speed + handling, what aftermarket parts should I go with? I 'll be working fulltime before I head off to school next year, so price isn't to big of an issue.

Will any upgrades void my 7 year warranty?

Will Tiptronic stop me from adding any upgrades to my car?

Any other advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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Upgrades and warranty. it will depend as long as the upgrade isnt the effect of the issue then it shouldnt effect the warranty. for instance if the headlights stop working and youve fitted an exhaust then it would be hard for VW to claim that the exhaust was the cause of it but check the warranty paperwork fully.

dont know much on the newer engines but if its the nasp 2.0 then id save your money on the power side of things and look towards handling upgradges - suspension, anti roll bars, lightweight wheels, good tyres etc - as getting a good gain from the nasp engines can be expensive along with the gearbox can still hold back on the power without the correct mapping on it as well.
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