Tuning advice for 1.8 tdci focus


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Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone could advise on any effective mods to squeeze as much power as possible out of my 1.8 tdci. I have already had a remap from
Celtic so has been taken up to around 150 bhp, I have a pipercross panel filter on order But was thinking of maybe a new exhaust. I'm Not sure where to invest next, and have a budget of about £1000 but I'm willing to consider all options.

If anyone has ideas please post

Thanks for the reply ... How much am I expecting that to cost and is there anywhere you would recommend getting it done or are most decent garages capable. Is there anything else you would advise on tuning?
depends on where you go. a decent exhaust place should be able to make you up the downpipe and cat for not to much couple hundred tops
then get it custom mapped

bigger / hybrid turbo, larger injectors, front mount intercooler,
So I just get celtic in again to custom map it .. But will this cost me another £300 ... I'm guessing it will .. How much power am I expecting from the new downpipe and no cat? Where would you advise getting an intercooler and a hybrid turbo?
ot sure how much of a gain youll see. but youll find that the turbo spools alot quicker
and will allow you to run higher boost pressure as there is less pressure on the turbo itself - hense the need for new mapping.
not sure how celtic work some charge so much for a generic then more on top for the custom then again if you get it tweeked more.

hybrid turbo theres a few places that do these - really its just a bigger turbo internals fitted into your housing. you dont get the full benifit of the larger turbo as the housing is still the same size so more restrictive than the full new turbo. however it saves you having to sort out the plumbing.
im guessing the 2.2 tcdi mondeo turbo is a different one and might be worth a look. if you can also get the exhaust manifold and downpipe. this way you can get the new downpipe and manifold made up with the larger connections for the mondeos turbo. and get all the work done at the same time. this would mean celtic only have to map it once rather than twice
Sorry Im a little confused ... So your suggesting getting the manifold and downpipe from the Mondeo and also it's full turbo ... And get the garage to fit these fitted and then remapped
no sorry want really that clear
if the mondeos turbo is different -i dont actually know but would guess its bigger to feed the extra 400cc - it will have different flanges on it to accomidate the larger housing.
basically the exhaust place would cut off the flanges and weld them onto the new pipes.
come fitting time you would fit the new exhaust manifold, turbo, downpipe and injectors before getting it mapped

the actual downpipe and manifold from the mondeo more than likely wont fit onto your block. in the same way as its turbo wont fit in your current plumbing. hence why it requires the custom parts

another option would be to drop in the 2.2 tcdi
i think ill have a search around for a hybrid turbo then i'm guessing this will be expensive though ... is there anywhere in particular you would recommend ... also where would i find new injectors and how much is a resonable set?
as diesels are high pressure ive no idea how much the injectors would cost. hybrid turbo will be around £800. theres several places that can do it. have heard good and bad stories about a few so wont recommend anywhere as have no experience of any of them

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