Tuning a mk6 1.4 fiesta

I have a 1.4duratec 2004 fiesta. Fully modified aesthetically with about 6k spent on the body, wheels, sound, etc. every1 thinks it's one of nicest hatches they have seen modified.

my only problem is it is not fast enough!

i was thinking on the St engine...but have been told an FRS engine??? is great and easy to Turbo.
i know nothing about this...can anyone give my tips on how to make it as fast as possible.....(don't wanna spend more than about 3k if possible as i mite aswel get a fast car aswel as mine for that.lol)

also i want some fiesta RS seats....can't find them anywhere...anyone know anyone who would sell some????????[/img]


Track Warrior
I'm led to believe Van Aaken Developments can turbocharge the new Fiesta 1.4 and 1.6's for around half your budget, although it's not listed on the website. If you want to give them a buzz, you can get their number from www.vanaaken.com.

Also for tuning and engine swap jobbies, www.pumaspeed.co.uk or www.pumabuild.co.uk are both cited as being quite good.

Hopefully someone should be able to give you the excitement you crave at a price that's nice.