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Octavia II 1.9TDI
Dear All!

Like I have already mentioned in »Say Hello & introduce yourself« section, I am thinking of upgrading my Skoda Octavia Combi 1.9TDI 1Z5 (model year 2007, engine BXE, 5-speed JCR gearbox). The car is currently tuned to 140hp and 320Nm, but I am thinking of increasing the performance. I was thinking of putting hybrid turbo (GT1756) and bigger nozzles/injectors on my 1.9TDI BXE engine. I am aiming at around 220hp and around 450Nm.

First step before changing turbo will be to swap my 5-speed gearbox with 6-speed 02Q one (probably LHD, NFP or KDS). For that I will need quite a few things:
  • gearbox
  • Sachs DMF with Sachs SRE Performance Clutch Kit
  • drive shafts
  • gearbox mount
  • dog bone mount
  • starter motor
  • dust tins between engine/gearbox
  • linkage cables
  • cable mount and end links
  • bolts
  • maybe also LSD
After gearbox the real fun will begin. The first challenge will be to get all the parts:
  • Hybrid GT1756 turbo
  • Bigger nozzles or whole injectors – I am thinking of Firad 50% on stock 1.9TDI 105PD injectors, but I heard different opinions about that, so I would like to know, what is actually the difference between 105PD injectors and ARL 150PD injectors? Is the only difference in nozzles? Or are some other differences in internals of injector?
  • Audi S3 Intercooler with Alloy End Tanks for Mk5 Platform
  • Hard Pipework Kit for 1.9 8v TDi PD105 Engine – probably from Darksi Dedevelopments
  • Ragazzon sport CAT 54.0211.01 – I was thinking of downpipe without CAT, but at the end I have decided that I will go with sport CAT, because I will also try to get all the TÜV certificates and make my car 100% street legal
  • 3 or 4 BAR MAP Sensor
  • EGR Delete
  • FCP Racing camshaft set
  • FCP Engineering conrods
I am still deciding between staying with original crankshaft (038105021Q) or replace original with 2.0TDI crankshaft (038105021AE). With 2.0TDI crankshaft I could use connecting rods with 53.70mm big ends.

Do you think that is worthy to upgrade to 2.0TDI crankshaft? Is it 2.0TDI crankshaft any better? Is it is possible just swap 1.9TDI crankshaft with 2.0TDI?

What about BXE pistons? How much can they withstand? Or is it recommended to replace them with ARL pistons?

Of course I will also replace bolts for camshaft, injectors, rocker arms and crankshaft.

So, that is for now. If everything will be OK I will start with collecting parts in late spring (I need to build new garage first… :D).

I am looking forward to read your opinions/advises/ideas.

Kind regards,
I cant really offer any help or advice of Skodas, but looking at that massive list I am looking forward to seeing your results :)
Yes, it's quite a list, but I'm certain that I've forgot something... :D

Engine in my Octavia is 1.9TDI BXE and it can be found also in Audi, Seat and VW. It is similar to other Golf MK5 1.9TDI engines (BKC, BLS, BJB BXF, BXJ, BRU).
Not sure about the crankshaft from the 2.0 but i do know that the internals of the injectors are different on the ARL to the BXE but also the ASZ 130 engine has the same injectors as ARL.
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