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Im going to drive Bedford Autodrome within the next few months (been advised as a good starter circuit), and was wondeing what sort of ware to expect on my car.. ie.. brakes, tyres etc....

Thanks as usual.
hello , i would be supprized if the brakes and tyres dont show signs of wear after a hard day at the track . This should manifest as a lot of dust on the wheels / rims and off side wear on tyres , trust me it will be worth it ....
Is it an open pitlane event? If so don't get carried away and take cooling down brakes in between! Normal wear will be tyres, brakes and petrol!

Your tyres will suffer if driven hard. Brake pads will wear or catch light! Discs will get hot and probably glaze a bit. Just make sure the car is in tip top condition, fluid levels, tyre pressures, tyre condition and running spot on.

Enjoy :bigsmile:
No, not done Bedford as yet but it is a great one for novices due to the expansive run-off areas. It is a kind track. I've only done the local ones to me, Brands Hatch, Castle Combe, Llandow (competed) and Goodwood.
would love to but its a little to far to travel , i would also like to see goodwood but i cant see it happening in the next few years . I am going to philip island ( on the opposite side of australia ) for the historic cars in 2010 so its not all bad news , just one other tip as mentioned above DRAIN THE BRAKE FLUID AND REPLACE WITH A HIGH DOT NUMBER FLUID ( increases the boiling point ) talk to others with similar cars to yours re tyre pressure . most important ................. have fun
I'd get new tyres and brake pads for a track day. Its also worth doing a full oil change before and after.
I wouldn't buy new tyres for track days, unless they were R888's. I have had new tyres delaminate due to the temperatures and way too much tread. Scrubbed tyres at best but never new ones.
Thanks fellas.. Think im going to go with a company called Lotus on track... will let you know how the car feels on the tack... personally I think this is the only place for a 9000rpm engine!
Yup I have to agree with you.

Take it easy at first and know your limits, it's when you take chances that you start to make mistakes.

Also it is good to consider insurance, normal policies don't normally cover track useage.

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