Track Day, and then Caterhams

Izo Azlion

Road Burner
Golf GT TDI Sport
Hey All,

Havnt made much of a post recently! Been busy outside of work and in work and all sorts. But hell.

It was my 21st last month and my Uncle booked me in at Oulton Park in a Caterham Superlight SV

Seen here, with me in it:


Anyway, I had an awesome day zipping round, open pit too - so I was out on my own most the afternoon.

I did have a spin just after Clay Hill, accelerated too much in the wet and span it into a barrier, low speed by the time I got to the wall though so, only slightly broke the rear left wheel arch! Haha

Great day out and I'd encourage it to anyone!

Anyway so I was looking on Caterhams website, and they have an 'Academy' Car -

Apparantly you buy one of these, they teach you how to drive it, they put you in a little race series and they'll build it for you. Apparantly a good way to get into motor racing, albeit not entirely cheap!

I cant do it, really, got too much on but, figure I'd flag it up in case someone fancies it!


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