Toyota Yaris S 2009 Need some more HP


Portland, OR
Toyota Yaris S

I'd like to start making some improvements to my Yaris so that I gain a little HP. If anyone has a suggestion on where I should start that would be great but I was thinking maybe starting with a cold air intake.

Can someone refer to me the best cold air intake option. If possible, can you please pick one out specifically that will work for this car. and if you have other suggestions in terms of gaining some horsepower that would be much appreciated.

Thank you
Are you aware that an induction kit will not add any power to the Yaris engines? It will make a nice induction noise, but power wise, the air intakes on these are not restricted so there are no gains to be had.

Personally, I would drop a K&N cotton gauze panel filter in the air box, again this won't add power but they have a long life and can be cleaned easily plus it will allow you to fully release the power from other mods.

If you remove the airbox completely (for a very short period) you will get an idea how the induction kit will change the cars response, noise and power.

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