Toyota Supra 3.0 non turbo manual import

Here's the spec list:-
  • here is the spec about my supra
  • toyota supra 3.0 non turbo manual import
  • 650 clifford alarm and immobiliser
  • full leather interoior
  • racing streering wheel
  • front bumex bumper
  • veilside side skirts
  • veilside rear sparts
  • veilside rear spoiler
  • digital fast & furious graphics on either side
  • man with sword on the bonnet with logos
  • on the rear window a twin turbo engine digital graphic
  • all of these were done professionally
  • 12 years protection and removable
  • the car has been lowered 40mm
  • 18inch deepdash rs5 alloys
  • the size of the alloys are 9.0j on rear
  • and 8.5j on the front
  • 275/40/18 tyres on the rear ferral
  • and 245/40/18 on front with goodyear
  • backbox stainless steel exhaust 5inch tail- pipe with nice sound
  • blue neon light underneath the car
  • also blue interior neon light
  • hks stainless steel polished hard-pipe
  • k&n induction kit
  • proper zenon head-light converted and not cheap bulbs
  • very white and bright.
  • upgraded horn
  • also ngk spark plugs
  • full carbon dash-kit
  • carbon razo gear-knob
  • also razo pedals
  • white plasma dials with changeable blue and green colour
  • treble pillar mount gauge oil pressure/oil temp/water temp,
  • this is only on for the light its only for show
  • also a 5inch tachometer with 7 changeable colours
  • cd/mp3/cassette/tv player

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How that then! Pics are awesome that is one very COOL car you have there.

How long you owned it? Whats the best/worst part of owning it?
:) well the Best bits are Just driving it & letting other people take pictures etc...The worst is filling up with petrol all the time ,Also dont know about the twin turbo on my rear window as I cant see out of it LOL.Thanks again with ya help with this Im well pleased..
nice supra,andy.welcome on the forum.

you won't find these toyota's here on the continent,since they don't sold them over here,maybe a few imports like yours.supra's,skyline's etc.

:) Ok I admit Ive had the pedal down to the floor.What happened was the front of car lifted right up The sound was Awwsome & yes was a Geat feeling I wish I could of gone on but unfortunately ran out of road.I dont do this to much as gotta keep on the right side of the Law (sometimes)
Your over 10 posts now andym1fjg which means you can now have your own gallery in your profile ;)
that is ony nice car, not sure about the huge spoiler though, but with all that power you probably need it :lol:
:bigsmile: yeh i do need the spoiler..I see your plans too, will be a nice car you,ll have.I was gonna hook twin monitors (DVD) in my back but not much room in back of mine,I have one at front which is good for me,& my daughter shes ok on peering between the seats to watch it.
You've got a daughter and a car like that! WOW. I see so many Supra ads with the words "baby forces sale"!
Yes true on the Baby forces sale ya see it all the time,my daughter shes 9yrs & loves the car as much as me Think is because shes little miss popularity when I pick her up from school,when she was younger thou I had to make do with a standard mondeo,& a modded Baby chair with a race harness.LOL.
yes,very nice,i love the christmas lights in the inside[clocks and dash]love to see a car well lit up with gadgets and you have the car to do all that aswell,when i see a toyota yaris with what you have done,im not to sure

sweet car mate
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