Top 10 car painting tips


Alo Lxi
  • First collect all the things required for painting your car. You need car wax, grease remover, appropriate car paint, wire, spray gun, clear coat paint, masking tape, and primer.
  • Park your car in an enclosed area to protect it from dust, insects, and debris while painting.
  • After collecting all the things required, wash your car properly and remove the slightest of dust from your car. This will help give a better paint finish.
  • Use grease remover or car wax to remove any kind of stubborn stains from the car paint.
  • Then use sandpaper to smoothen your car and get rid of all rough areas on the car.
  • After removing all the dust, dirt, and stain from the car, ensure that you clean the car exterior using a clean, dry, and fresh cloth.
  • If there are certain areas like trimmings on the car door or car windows that need not be painted, cover them with a masking tape.
  • Then apply primer evenly throughout the car exterior. This forms the base of your car paint. Once again rub the sand paper on the applied primer to ensure smooth application of the primer.
  • After applying the primer, apply the base coat of the car paint using a spray gun. Use urethane-based paint of your desired car colour choice or other best quality paint as recommended by the car manufacturer. Let the base coat dry for about 10 to fifteen minutes. Then apply the final coating of your car paint and let it dry for a longer time.
  • Clean the nozzles of the spray gun in between two coats or else small flakes of dried paint may cause imperfections on the final car paint finish.


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1998 mazda protege
is this applicable to painting the dashboard trims?
e.g adding gray or some highlights to it

if not made of plastic or rubber, what's the best type of paint will look good on it?


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