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vauxhall tigra 1.4
Hi i am looking to do up the interior of my vauxhall tigra into a racing style interior. Does anyone know anywhere to get good parts for my car so it looks ace. ive tried looking around but ive found alot of crap sites.

I love this interior and am looking for something like this.
get yourself onto lmfvauxhall.co.uk they have loads of stuff like this for all vauxhalls includin tigras. You'll find nearly all those parts on here.
If you find the price a bit expensive look on ebay for the same stuff, it will be cheaper.
Irmscher stuff goes really well with vauxhalls.
Does any consider maybe tigra twintop (B) should get a separate grouping the issues im facing it seems not many tigra B mods are or seem to be available just about every Google search im hitting dead ends im looking for custom lighting (head) also specific z18xe answers for performance improvement tips etc and possibly styling ideas etc

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