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Thumping (drum being hit sound ) noise when pressing car brakes then scraping un-watch

Discussion in 'Diesel Chat' started by FastLife91, 19 October 2019.

  1. FastLife91

    FastLife91 Torque Junkie

    Ford Focus mk2
    I just drove home, just a mile or so before getting home I hear a loud thump every time I press my brake pedal from rear of my car. It literally sounds like somebody hitting a drum with a stick.

    Then as I was around the corner from home I hear a scraping sound. I checked rear disc and it looks as though it has a small score but not enough to cause any harm so I will not drive it until it is fixed. It wasn't scored previously, The pads/discs and calipers were only changed a few weeks ago.

    Earlier today someone was messing with the caliper return spring as handbrake felt slack, after messing with spring handbrake felt good holding on 3 clicks instead of 6.
    I assume whatever the issue is now is a result of the caliper return spring ?
  2. Lunchmoney

    Lunchmoney The Torque Meister

    Poole, UK
    '98 JDM Impreza STI
    Take the car back to the person who was messing with the caliper and get things checked. Could be simple as a stone got lodged in there but brakes are essential and you should not risk it. In fact, get the person who was messing around with the caliper to come to you.
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  3. obi_waynne

    obi_waynne Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Deal, Kent UK
    A3 1.4 TFSI 150 COD
    It may just need a little copper grease to lube the mechanism, "but if you don't know what you're doing the last thing you should do is apply grease anywhere near the brakes."

    Go back to the people who fitted the discs and pads, you shouldn't be having issues with them this soon.
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    TCJBOLDIE Torque King

    JB Starion
    Very good advise IMO

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