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Been bugging me for a while now but only got them sorted out this morning. You know when those little niggles start to happen with your baby, yet can you find any time to sort them out? NO! Then they just keep eating away at you every time you flick a switch or something and nothing happens :(

So finally got some time to myself to pop over to the garage this morning, and get the lads busy with the tools ;)
1st there was the glove box light and opening button. Lamp would not illuminate and when pressed the opening button decided it much preferred to stay in than come back out :mad:
2nd, Heated rear screen and front demister lights on the AC panel refused to illuminate, was it a case of change a blown lamp? was it heck! a new panel required as it is a solid LED strip that runs right across the panel :mad:
3rd, My SAAB puddle lights for some reason stopped displaying the red and the blue colours, what a faffing nuisance! Good thing I bought a couple of spares from Hong Kong as the original ones were bought and fitted as a surprise for me when the beast was having a lot of work done to it ;)

So after 2 1/2 hours of the lads working on my baby, and their coffee and biscuit stock now depleted, I headed off home a very happy T9 now that everything was fully operational |B
I've got a few but I'm trying to ignore the niggles for now!

The Boot lock on my A3 is sticky at best and doesn't always lock again! The Alloys need refinishing desperately! The wiper blades are quite smeary and also squeak and there is still a hiss noise from the brake booster servo!

I bet it feels good to have had them all sorted T9

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