This good or rubbish?

That will be the EcoTek CB-26P. It smoothes out the flat spots in throttle providing a smoother ride and hence a more efficient use of fuel.

It does make an improvement in the way the car feels to drive and yes, you do get improved fuel economy.

However, don't expect performance to take a massive hike, that's not what it's designed for.
I would give it a miss if I were you. Most people I know have taken them off again pretty quickly. They also make an annoying noise.
You can get a silencer for that, which was developed by Pipercross.

I'm suprised by Waynne's comment because the one on my 205 was great, and a couple of other people I know that had them loved it.

Do any other forum users have any wisdom to impart (hey guys, I'm talking to you! :D )
I'm prepared to keep an open mind - last time I said that someone found them good I got slated, and since that I have heard bad things - mroe whinges than anything. I think the thread is still in polls about products I'll see if I can find it and post up a link to it.
Hmm, might give it a miss then unless someone has done it on a mk2 golf gti and its good. I found out it hasn't got a standard exhaust as well, so would an induction kit be a good way to go or just a pipercross air filter or something? I think the exhaust has "wayne" on it if i remember correctly (or maybe my memory has gone and i've just taken your name waynne :lol: )
The best improvement you can do to your filter and intake section is buy a sealed air filter with it's own cold feed but get one that has a fan or blade in it e.g. Green Stuff Twisters or the K&N Typhoon.

These work best because if you think that the colder the air the more air in a space. Well these work on just that. With them being sealed it's nothing but cold air.

With the filters having a rotating blade they spin the air into a vortex allow the intake system to squeeze yet more air into a space resaulting in a bigger combustion.

I'd love a Green Stuff Twster for mine and they sound unreal.

Distorting the air flow will not increase air pressure or performance. They will only stop the ait from flowing smoothly and resault in flat spots through the rev range.
Can't find the twister for a mk2 golf and they're pretty expensive :? How much difference would a k&n k57i induction kit make compared to the typhoon (as the price difference is a hell of a lot from what i can see)? Also, would the exhaust i have be good enough to mean that i wouldn't lose bottom end power if i fit an induction kit?
Depends, if you have a de-cat pipe then yes you will loose a bit in the bottom end, but mid range will be improved. The K&N57i is a good filter, I have one on my V6 but I have made my own sealed unit with a cold feed from the bonnet. They don't work aswell as the expensive one as they are usually designed to be sealed units and like the twister fit more cold air into a space than the normal 57i type filters.

Getting the exhaust pressure is also an essential as when I first put the filter on mine, I had no sealed box or cold feed and only had the back box of the exhaust at that time and my god did it die at 3000revs if you floored. You could almost hear the engine choking to death lol. All because the engine was suckking in too much air than what it could get rid of. So hense a grand to gas flow in the inlet, inlet devider and throttle body, replacing all rough, concertiened rubber and then another £800 on the exhaust just to get the pressure perfect through the engine.

Quick shot to give you an idea of the sealed 57i kit:


Best part, not including the samco hoses and flowed inlet piping, the sealed unit and filter plus a few Do It All fixings lol costs less than £120. Which is cheaper and does the same thing as the Pipercross Viper kit and they start from £150 iirc.
I don't think my car came with a catalytic convertor (1989) so that might not be a problem. I've seen the induction kit for about £60 incl devliery or something like that and thats all i was really looking to spend because my bank balance is showing about -70 at the moment :rolleyes: Would i have to change a load of things if i got just the kit, and does the induction kit replace the air box and filter or does the filter somehow stay?
The filter just goes straight onto the end of the intake pipe. You do normally have to remove the airbox but some cases you can just take the top off and use the original air feed.

The air box in the picture is a custom made one that was done for a 3.0ltr Clio originally but it fitted with ease with the cone filter under it with a home made cold air feed from the bumper as the standard feed is just in front of the drivers arch..
ok, and finally one last question (perhaps, for now :lol: )... do you think i woud benefit from getting the k57i induction kit or not? I think the exhaust is "walkers" actually, its wa - something for sure.

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