Thinking of getting my z06 wrapped. Good idea?


2003 Nissan Altima
I don't know if matte black is a good idea what do you guys think? Compared to blue or red?


The blue looks nice. A wrap also helps to protect your paint so I think it is a win/win situation.
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Blue would be my choice.
Just in general, getting your ride wrapped is actually a great way to protect the paint and get an alternative color or get racing stripes, flames, etc. added. The possibilities are endless and the cost is less than half versus paint jobs.

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Matte black is cool but ..... people touch it and it marks easily. I was looking to protect my car and the guy came round showed me all these patches. The gloss survives much better.
They have mad ones like croc skin if your into that haha.
You can do pretty much anything with a wrap colour/design wise. They use it a lot on commercial vehicles to advertise. Thinking about doing this to mine in the near future. The stone chips on my front bumper are starting to annoy me now.
That's a good idea! I second to the above posts. Wraps do protect and enhance your paint. Not done it to my car as of yet but seen a couple cars with them and they rock!!

To answer your question, BLUE is the best!
your choice is would be nice but my choice is sports red.Thanks for shearing yours cars pics it' looking nice.

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