The war on diesels continues


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So there is now a warning from the transport secretary against diesels.

Is this an excuse to hike the tax on diesel fuel or is there a sound argument for the switch away from diesel?

Would a scrappage scheme work?

Have petrol engines closed the gap now when it comes to economy and performance compared to diesels?
My cars a 2016 2 litre yet has an ad blue tank, last of the cheap road tax diesels £30 a year, yet its deprecating like a rock
My heart goes out to all you diesel owners, especially after you were sold the dream from the government. All I say is that they must all drink an awful lot of Horlicks to be able to sleep at night as clearly their conscience is missing...:(
Os I agree and all voters should know that politicians and bureaucrats don't have a conscience and will do and say whatever it takes to keep their jobs. ?-/

PS I always can tell when they are telling porkies their lips are moving ;)
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