The punto diesel, starting stock and moving up!

well its the van version so l ihave a lot of room to play with so im gonna go for a custom built fiberglass twin sub mount, a pc, sat nav, speed cam detectors, parkin sensors etc, been thinking of spinners to, but if nto def soem chromes. iv blacked out the back window, fitting some blue carpet in the boot now il keep the upgades posted XD, dead excited lol
Iv so been looking for some chrome spinners, whereo n earth do you buy them in the uk?
some pics of some work iv been doing, resprayed hte dash then finished with some shiny gloss, with some led mods, get some more pics up later.

argh?, where are my pics, this the new server playing up
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new dash resprayed, bulb change


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the jets!, still need to be sprayed black but other than that all working!



and interior with new gear knob,


some may call it taccy but imo ( not sticking up for my car) it looks pretty sweet, outside im gonna leave it at that for lighting.

will get some up of induction kit soon to
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tbh i agree with your on the shifter, think im gonna go with something more subtle like a chrome sparco one or something. the washers set the car of nice, but if i cant twist your arm lol, cheers for the comments!
engine after good clean
plans are full hose replacement (blue) and chrome piping for air filter

Looking really good, what did you clean that engine with mate? Looks spotless!
Looking really good, what did you clean that engine with mate? Looks spotless!

cheers fella, soaked engine first, after removing battery. then sponge and hot soapy water and gave it a real real good scrub. then any rusty parts that were visable. sanded and touched up with black mettalic hammerite. then silver for battery cover. :)
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here is a pic of the beggining of my ICE ! :)

got 2 speakers wired up so far, there small but loud! there out of a panasonic ghetto blaster, really good quality, and free ofcourse.

carpeting it tomorrow and getting my sub in. not going over the top, probably around 400 watts. i just want clean crisp sounds not just boom boom



cut the wood out of some thin light weight stuff i found lying in my shed, the hardest part was getting the speaker mounts symetrical but got there in the end
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Slight Warning - well not really a warning.

house speakers ( stereo TV etc ) run at 8 ohms where as standard car speakers run 4 ohm.
you may have issues with distortion as the amp will run 4 ohm itself
iim just waitng till i can afford some more really as i lost my job ::(. but for now im gonna stick with em.. il take al ook at my local secodn hand shop he got al lsorts in there :D
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