the panic buying of fuel has started


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At the petrol station today and people were queing up getting petrol in jerry cans and filling there cars up.took me 15 mins to get to a pump.I would have drove to another station but I was blocked in.I am dreading this strike by tanker drivers if this is what its like already.


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I live very close to a petrol station and was going to fill up (petrol light has just come on ) but I didnt bother as there was a queue down the high street
This was causing a traffic jam as people treied to push in by turning right into the station .To to stop this some clever chap(?) drove round the next car and blocked them . This of course blocked the complete high street as nothing could then get past whether they were going in the petrol station or not.

I needed a paper anyway so went into the shop . I was about fifth or sixth in the queue and only one person spent more than £25 . Thi included a woman in a porsche people carrier thing who spent £13.59 !!! and didnt buy anything else.
Predictably the garage ran out . A tanker turned up later and at about nine thirty there was no queue and petrol.
Filled the car up
people are such muppetts (saves moderating the thread)


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GOOD! I like to see some good old panic buying.

I am so glad the truckers are going to protest. Its the only protest I am pro.

As long as they let minimal through for emergancy services, then I'm happy. I don't need fuel. I'll just cycle to work, or run. I want the fuel price below £1.20

If I was a trucker, Id be first in! lol

As for panic buying, Let em. Usless idiots. If, like me, they don't really need it, then they shouldn't buy it and leave it for people who really need it like people who need to visit the hospital on a daily basis, carers, ect ect


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This is going to ensure that we all run out at the same time, round about when the strike is due to happen!

I must start buying bread and milk as well. Never eat or drink the stuff but everyone else will start buying it so I must switch into the herd mentality and follow suit.


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Omg what a nightmare, I went out last night to help my brother move the last off his boxes from his old house. On the way there the fuel light came on so I thought I'd better chuck a bit in being as I'll be doing a few trips. When I got to the first station they were queuing down the road, I'm almost sure thats an illegal practice in it's self.
I eventually found a place that wasn't too bad but it got really bad while I was there, but when filling up I still felt like one the idiots panic buying! :lol:

They were still queuing like mad when I went past late that evening, nutters the lot of them!

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