The old lady finally get's what she deserves!

Right then, time has come to give the oldlady some treatment,
all the talking about it it has now stopped and I'm finally doing something to her

I've bought all manner of part for her and taken photos, first thing though, how do I upload them?
thats diesels for you.tough as old boots.i might have a look for an oil burner when the tax an test run out on the escort.look forward to the next instalement of your old lady.they could make it into a tv programme like the one they had about the vw
They will come soon, I've been busy doing loads of research into my motor so I should have it sorted out soon, hopefully, It's starting to do my head in.

I think I am going to use a water to air intercooler as they are more efficient and the pipework will be much easy to work out and I won't need new rad fans either.
Got a part I needed from Peugeot today so I will be starting work on the old lady again very soon, if I don't it will probably disintigate.... :S
Things have slowed down a bit due to be not bengine but hopefully when I get the right part everything will start up again.

Been looking at getting a inline injector pump to replace the VE rotary type so then then I can extract so more horses out the the new engine (and hopefully not throw another rod), got some different grade engien oil on order (Bought 10w50 instead of 5w40) Same stuff, Fuch Titan Pro Race S, ood stuff it is and it's currently on offer so I bought 2 lots......

Awesome :)
Good news man! Lets see them pics! :P hehe

This is coming along nicely, a video or 2 wouldn't hurt either, once you set it in the bay.

Finally another update,

Work has been very slow lately mainly due to time and money....

So got the turbo sorted the way I want it....
Needed to mill the exhaust manifold holes a bit so I can mount it on the engine upside down:


Adaptor plate just to give some clearance for the inlet manifold and also something to attach the the exhaust manifold to.



Made another plate so we can make a downpipe for the exhaust, we have some spare stainless tube that will do the job nicely...


And all that will end up on the engine like this:



still need to countersink some pins on that adaptor plate so we won't need to drill the head (very bad idea I would think anyway) so that it all bolts up nice a tight.

Also got some 2" stainless steel tube for the intercooler pipework just need some silicon joints to hold it all up...

Thats it for now....
when do you reckon it will be back in the car running.bearing in mind winters nearly here.cold nights in the garage or in the warm watchin tv or talkin on the forum.also youve got the gti now to play in.
Well yeah....
But the GTI isn't on the road at the moment due to funds, but I'm hoping to have this finished before winter really sets in.

it has been off the road for ages now and is dragging so I do really need to get my finger out.
Well out of the 3 this has top priority at the moment as it's taking ages now and I need to get my finger out to get it finished, I probably will do other stuff eventually and I will change some thing I have done but right now it's all about getting it working!
I am enjoying the update. What are your current plans? would you go with a 3 door or stick with your current? I think you mentioned it before?
I bought that non turbo manifold so I could do a front mount intercooler conversion on the 1.9 engine, but it chucked a rod as you know....

The 1.9 manifolds aren't interchangable with the 2.1 manifolds as the head designs are different,

2.1 head

1.9 head

as you can see there is a clear difference, the 2.1 head has double the amount of inlet ports and the exhaust ports are layed out in a different manor.Also the 1.9 head in the picture is upside down.
That makes sense.. I was going to pop the cheeky question and ask whether or not it is in usable condition and 'Borrow it'. As I have been looking for FMIC conversions too... but unable to find any one that could make me an adapter.
If the chavs can nick your wheels at "over 180mph" the only thing I want to know is:

Where do they buy thier trainers?
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