The First car to clock 3 Million miles?

I reckon a combo of sympathetic driving and good maintenance. However I do wonder how many parts are still original. It's like the old joke where the bloke says I've had this shovel for 30 years now and it's as good as new. Its had 10 new heads and 20 new shafts.
Engines are pretty durable anyway. Timely servicing and some gentle treatment when cold makes a mountain of difference to longevity
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think of the monotony of having spent 50 yrs with the same car. Gosh, no wonder cars are better than women:lol:
Eh?? That means that he has done 182 every day of the year, for the past 45 years!!!! :amazed:

Im going to keep that thread for the next time I sell my car, and someone says 50000 miles is quite high for the milage of the car!!

''I think you'll find......'' :lol:
Presently, Gordon's mileage in this Volvo exceeds 3.1 million miles and he's still going strong, setting a new record with each passing mile as of March 18th 2015!
It goes to show the importance of regular servicing. I can't see a car on a long life service schedule lasting this long.
Hmm, hard to know. Long service intervals that are monitored by the ECU are probably OK if the correct5 oil is used. I've never been a fan of constant oil servicing. Far better to use the correct oil for 15,000 miles than to use any random stuff and change every 3000

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