The Best Peugeot Model

Which one do you prefer overall?

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Peugeot 406 STi
Every one has a diffrent taste to cars I drive a 406 sti 16v thats good but I climbed in a 407 2.2 sedan and it did it for me so my next car will defnitively be a 407 for the styling,luxuary and big car and more than enough power for me.


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lol that a point the 309 is actually a good car, i think it gets forgotten about because the 205 is from the same era and we all know how people fell about those,

but the 309 does have a lot of advantages, it has more space and it has a wider front a rear track, not to mention that the rear beam and from wishbones will fit straight onto a 205 widening the track on them :p

also I think the 206 has far too many votes,
considering the 205, 106 and 306 are in the polls


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Peugeot 206 GTI
I find it hard to answer since i have not tried most of the cars and some is not on there, where is 406?
Of the peugeots i tried is a:
405 1.6 gasoline(My mums first pug) slow and steady, died to rust after a impressive 900.000+km on the same engine, great comfort
405 SRI (My mums 2nd pug) fun car great comfort
406 2.0 turbo upped to 216+bhp (My mums old 3rd pug lol) Insanely fun car, great handling aswell, great comfort, my mum totalled it after putting a "PersianDecorated"(no offence ment) BMW in its place. (did i mention my mum is 55? lol)
406 1.8 Ok car, good handling, abit boring when used to the 2.0 turbo
206 GTI Upped to 159,5bhp(my current car) awfull handling(before coilover kit), Not fun to drive(before coilover kit) , horrible comfort!(even with stock shocks) :(, very noisy interior(before i spent 600+pounds on silentcoat).
As the most allround car compared to year aswell i would probably go for 405, though the 406 turbo was concentrated awesome, its smaller models seemed less nice to drive than i remember the 405 models.

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