temp sensor


audi cabriolet 2.6
i have an s reg audi cabriolet and the temp guage works when it wants to anyone any ideas i hear they have electrical probs hope not not long had it lol its the V6 Auto one
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its a common problem with all vag cars. colant sensor is prone to failure sould only cost around £15 for a new one and a little time to fit.
youll also require some collant, remember you need the proper vag stuff

have you noticed a big difference in performance, wife had same problem, temp would go up and down when it felt like it. she lost some power and economy
Thanks for that, i dont loose any power it just works when it wants to ??? im a marine engineer and also an ex company garage owner so been round engines all my life i had an audi 90 20 valve 3 years ago and that was quick but it never played up lol
Nah the newer ones have loads of these great little sensors that help make the engine run better, but they go suddenly.

least youll have the experience to fit prob take you around 10 mins tops

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