TCJB's track day 31/10/19


Torque King
JB Starion
Had another one at my local track that is app 45 minute drive away and had decided to play with the tyre pressures to see if that would help reduce front end push before stiffening up the recently installed Whiteline adj rear sway bar.

The rear tyres were 5 psi lower and I found that the rear responded a little to sharp lift off where I could feel the back of the car get a little loose and help the car rotate slightly better.

Was getting even more confident with my front brake upgrade and braking even later and deeper into turn 1 and carrying some trail braking down from 160kph into the corner @ app 130 kph and felt the inside rear tyre come back down to earth on 1 occasion.

For some reason the organizer of the Time Attack series allowed 3 huge American type V8 sports sedans who were getting set up in the pit garages for a big event on the weekend and the drivers who had not attended the compulsory safety briefing out on the track during 2 of my sessions behind the slowest group and on the 3rd lap of one of the 5 hot lap sessions while I was building up to my top speed down the front straight I saw one that was closing fast and it was going to be a close thing when I was about to brake for T1 and it looked like the driver was intent in getting past and it became obvious to me that he was going to dive into the turn well before the apex so I had to get off the racing line or get punted off and had a moment or 3 and managed to keep it on the track and out of the sand trap.

Am loving my little Honda FN2 Type R every time I track it as I wind it out to the 8000RPM gear change points and the coolant temps never rise above the level it was on the drive there even when the day was 30 deg +
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