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2011 Honda FN2
You don't stop playing because you grow old

You grow old because you stop playing

That's what I tell myself and keep on entering and competing in events in my old car that keeps me sane,poor, happy ,sad ,helps pass time tinkering, researching what to do next if the $$$ in my racing fund allow.

IT also allows me to me the experience full range of emotions at various times like <B :mad: :eek: :( :) :confused: .V( ?-/ |B :D
Yup. I am not sure what I would do if I didn't have the Elan. Sad, maybe, but that's life if you have a serious hobby.
Steve, if we didn't have our cars to help keep mind and body active we would probably loose our marbles and end up dropping of our proverbial perches way too soon.
would have to agree, mrs works in aged care and the amount of residents there saying they have gone there to die is heartbreaking :(

Well I had better take out a few lucky dips on the UK Lottery then "Win it" and get over to Australia :) Because if anyone can inspire those lovely people to not give up and live life to the fullest - then that person is me |B
Events being cancelled due to Covid is frustrating as I need a speed fix on a track day to hone my skills especially after jumping from a 400HP turbo RWD into a 195HP FWD bum dragger :D
I'm starting to be stress out about the future because of the toxic environment that I'm into. The realization that I had over the weekend, being a kid is way better than being an adult.
Last time attack day at my local track coming up next Thursday before the new owner commences renovations as the previous owner has let it get a bit tired .

Have fitted a higher TW semis to the rear so it will be interesting to see if that helps reduce the front end push when powering into thru and out of the corners.

FYI 200 TW rear 80 TW front tyres so the theory is that the harder rears should reduce rear grip somewhat and let the fronts turn in a tighter radius with less steering needed.

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