TCJB's last track day for 2020


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2011 Honda FN2
It was at my local track and it was a 36 deg day and as usual the FN2 Typr R Honda was faultless .The The group that I was in had a current Maserati , M3 & Golf R the drivers were first timers and early on the golf was only hundredths faster but in the final session 2 seconds quicker. Was later on the brakes and faster in the corners than the other 2 but as expected blasted away out of corners every time I closed the gap under brakes and higher corner speeds.

When I arrived at the track the fuel readout said 430klm to empty and @ the end of the hot laps 73 klm

So will have to refit my road wheels and check pad wear to see how the FORZA FP3 pads are after 2 track 1/2 days.

FYI the pads work great from cold to 800 deg and they didn't exhibit any signs of fade or different pedal feel even over the extended 8 lap so I have ordered another set to have on the shelf for when needed. final session

FYI I had had adjusted the rear ARB to it's stiffest setting and it didn't have any nasty rear end stepping out with sudden lift off oversteer but did help the front to tighten up the cornering think that I will leave it there for the time being.
Results if anyone is interested :D
Click on circuit racing and at the top click in view in the rt hand column at the top. "Ipswich mid week sprints" I am car #2

Hope you can see them wherever you live.

Times can differ widely depending on traffic as we are only allowed to pass on the straights. so it can be frustrating to close a gap under brakes and corner speed only to be left in the dust by the turbo powered cars.
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