Tar Spots


The Torque Meister
Scotland / Vietnam
Subaru WRX Turbo 04
Was giving the Subaru its bi-annual wash when i was over and fond, to my horror, that up to about the lower window line its had tiny spots of black tar everywhere - when it was dirty it was visible to the naked eye but after washing you could feel the roughness across the paintwork. Had to T-Cut the whole thing and apply a couple of coats of polish but not sure if this is going to stop it.

Anyone else facing the same problem? And suggestions on how to stop this?
You really need to clay bar it all off. "Tar & bug" remover is good, Tcut is not going to remove the tar very easily and is the wrong stuff to use.

Petrol, IPA or simliar solvents will also lift off the tar.

To avoid it in future keep away from recently laid road surfaces.
Auto glyms Tar and bug remover isnt that great. find your local autosmart dealer and get some tardis. about £18 for 5 ltrs

and watch the tar run off unless its really bad stuff. dont clay afterwards unless youve given the car a good wash down

if its cold day then petrol does work but it evaporates off pretty quickly.

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