Suzuki Liana Performance upgrade?


Hi. This is my first post. I am having trouble finding the right stuff to upgrade my Liana. I have no idea where to begin, what to do and what not to do. Any help would be GREATLY Appreciated. :)
hey and welcome to torquecars mate.

your right ive just tried to find some stuff for the liana and its proving harder than some.

you may need to get some customs made up. speak to K&N green with the sizes of your air filter they may have one in your size. Exhausts are easily custom made have a look at powerflow they did a great job on my prelude and prince will also back up with his civic.
Cam wise have a chat with Piper or Kentcams and they will be able to do a custom grind. A lot depends on what you want to achieve with the car and which engine you are working on.
Thanks for replying. Had a chat with a guy who upgrades cars. Says that there is an inbred fault in liana that its retarded, factory fault. He says there might be some part he uses in upgrading cars that will increase my liana's timing and fuel ratios through the ECU. Can this happen? or is he simply screwing with me?
My liana is a 4 door saloon type sporting 1.3 DOHC engine. Came as a sports model. Body is changed and company says has some differences with other same engines.
Hey guys i have a 2005 suzuki aerio (liana) 1.6 106 hp fwd and i'm looking to do some tuning exterior, interior and performance. I'm open for suggestions. I don't have any tuning shops around so everything i buy will be from internet. Thanks in advance
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