Suzuki Grand Vitara "03 2.0Ltr Diesel


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Just bought a Grand Vitara & found a couple of electrical glitches regarding starting & temperature control, have posted issues on the Suzuki forum but perhaps this was the more suitable one.

Auto electrician tested car & found the temp sensor giving random & erratic readings causing issues with the rad fan running & cooling the engine when not required. Also confusing the ECU & making the engine revs rise/fall intermittently, new sensor on order.

Car would start on the key & stop when key released to "on" or "run" ign position. Traced to the immobiliser relay sticking & again a replacement on order. Anybody else had anything similar?
Hi there , happy for you but if your thinking of using the car for off road or towing
you will need to fit oil cooler. It is a must for that engine. Happy motoring.

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