Suspension worry's


England, Southampton
Audi A4 1.8t Sport
Hi there, was wandering if anyone has fitted uprated shocks with standard springs, is it worth it or go straight for a full kit, want to keep my ride height as it is but stiffen it up. :0
Hi there, right brought the car as family on the way, but as always can't get rid of the MOD BUG, i've seen a coilover kit for 180 but like said want to keep the ride height, just want to stiffen the suspension up abit, What works best? thank's for replying, colin.
Why not fit a proper set of coilovers but adjust the height so it stays the same? Remember that they will sag around 10mm though.
the 1.8t sport has the top suspension - bar the v6 which unless its a quattro it wont fit even then im sure theres differences

if your your stanard suspension may be showing age by now so fitting uprated shocks - bilstein etc - with vag springs, new top mounts and wishbones ( its easier to change the whole thing rather than the bushes ) and new bushes in the rear as well will probably make a lot of difference.

if you want stiffer springs as well im sure H&R make a short drop kit which will probably be the same as your current springs - the sports suspension sits somewhere around 10-15mm lower than the lower models

sure that will be 1/2" drop
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