suspension help!!


south wales
a3 1.8T
right then here we go :D:D

im lookin to uprate the suspention on my a3 t-sport which if i recall correctly is already 15mm lower than a standerd im goin to go for sum basic coilovers but heres where it gets interesting im not sure how much to drop her is the first part,.. secondly i think im goin to buy some shortened drop links as i understand they r better if im goin alot lower (which i doubt alot of speed bumps here) any idea how much they would cost to be fitted id like them all lined up correctly also and lastly poly-bushes a good idea ????


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poly bushes are a no no. look towards the S3 in the wishbone and the golf R32 bush in the dogbone ( unfortunately VW dont sell this bush on its own you need to buy the whole dogbone )

50mm seems to be the best compromise to both looks and handling - wishbone sits near enough perfectly level at this point.
the drop links are to help clear the front anti roll bar which becomes an issue around 40mm down.
how much to fit depends on the garage. really you could fit them your self in a day with not too much trouble and just get a decent garage to align the wheels up.
just remember the suspension will need to sit a few days to drop right down after being fitted

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