Supra TT Auto UK Spec 1994 for sale

Well, I am going to "take the plunge" and put up for sale my Supra.

I'll get the numbers out of the way first then the description:

Mileage approaching 102k (a few more will be added depending on when she sells, but I am keeping driving to the minimum necessary)

Year 1994

Asking price £18k - after much searching around what is currently offered and what seems to be selling. There are a few for sale with higher mileage than mine (lots higher) with asking prices of above £20k, but my gut feel tells me that £18k is a fair place to start. Anyway, discuss it with me :)

I've uploaded some photos but not yet worked out how to get them on this post, but hopefully by the time I post this some photos will be visible.

I've lost all my text twice so this advert is far fewer words than my original version!

So, please feel free to ask any questions.

This car comes with a large pile of history documenting just about everything since birth I think. Before my time, there were some basic performance upgrades:

HKS Super-Dragger exhaust
Air induction kit
Blitz Dual SBC
Blitz Turbo Timer

And some other things added:
Five extra gauges (boost speed / pressure / air fuel mix etc.)
Snooper thingy that warns of cameras
Tracker (that I have not activated but paperwork included)

Also zillions of services etc.

I am the third owner I believe. Owner #1 kept it from birth to around 70k miles as far as I can tell, with no expense spared. Owner #2 did the performance upgrades.

Since I've had it I have:
-Got it serviced regularly
-Four new tyres but the old front pair were hardly worn - I just wanted the rims polished to maintain tyre pressure - I still have the old front pair that will go with the car
-Seats professionally recovered in leather
-Clifford G5 top-end alarm system with Remote Start, Proximity warnings, glass breakage, tilt and motion, anti-hijack etc.
- New battery and new timing belt
- Bought a personalised plate, not entirely sure how to go about transferring it back off the car, but can't be too difficult and I still have the original plates.

Things I would improve if I kept the car:
- I would redo the extra gauges - either removing without replacement or some new gauge pod on the left somewhere - and reinstate the driver side air-vents
- I would touch up a few bits of paintwork and couple of small rear windows bubble spots (shown in the photographs)
- Possibly replace a missing dash led (the general night-lighting is dim on the right hand side above the petrol gauge.)

Other than that I am not aware of any big issues. She drives very well, straight and pulls very quickly. No idea of the true BHP but the BPU might have added anywhere from 40 HP to 80 HP so she could be hovering somewhere around 360 bhp - 400 bhp (being a UK car, with the 17 digit VIN etc, it started out with 326 bhp)

Many people state up-front "no-one gets to test drive my car..." - well, I've thought about this and I think it is fair enough if I request proof of insurance, and if the person asking to drive it is not a youngster, but I may need some convincing on the day. Of course, I will be happy to take people out in it.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Full gallery -
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Supra UK TT Auto
Thanks, much appreciated :) Will donate a little something to the upkeep of the site if I get a sale here (and if not then I'll still be contributing something but after I make a sale somewhere :) )

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