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Supra UK TT Auto
Hi all,

Before I post on PistonHeads, I thought I would do a quick shout-out here to see if anyone is looking for a UK Supra TT Auto? 102k miles... a few BPU, HKS super-dragger, Blitz Dual SBC, few gauges etc...

Dark Blue...

I've had the seats professionally recovered and added a Clifford G5 with remote start, and had it serviced regularly, that sort of thing...

I won't post photos here as I am unsure of the rules regarding announcing I have a car for sale... but I'll see if there are any responses and depending on those will probably go for a PistonHeads advert...
Great - I'll go ahead and do that :) Regarding price, it's not easy to nail it down to get the best balance between market value and genuine interest from buyers... if I put it too high then it will put people off, but too low means I am losing out... I have regularly researched what is being offered and sold at present and from what I can tell, £12 - £14k is "desperate quick sale needed" territory and £18k is probably where I feel comfortable advertising --- there are some advertised for £22k with far more mileage than mine... but my gut feel tells me they will take longer to sell and are possibly a little over what someone will pay in the reasonably near future. I guess I will have to try then see what the feedback is like :)
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