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Has any one got any advise as to where to go to get a A4 Cab 3ltr Sport Quattro Tiptronic Supercharged? I have had the car remapped and there is a vast improvement. but it is still slow. B4 anyone says it, yes looked at RS4 cab due in October, no Tiptronic option, unlike RS6.[/b]
Hi Mark - welcome to Torquecars. (Sorry for the massive delay inreplying to you but been trying to earn some money!)

APR are the Audi Turbo specialist. I think a turbo would be better suited to your car than a supercharger. I would be interested to hear about your experiences tuning your car. The 3.0's are quite different beasts to the 1.8's and 2's Turbos.
i hope i am not "highjacking" this thread, but i too have a 3.0 and wondered if i could fit in a turbo. what kind of an expense would this be if i hire a proshop to do it?
At low boost it would be wouldnt be too much as no internal work would be needed, but supercharging it would be cheaper as you wouldnt need to modify the exhaust.

at higher boost levels youd need to lower the compression or use water injection to prevent per-detonation. and t really high boost your looking at rebuilding the bottom using forged internals
Turbos also need exhaust.intake plumbing and oil feeds, the supercharger is a much better option.

What are your plans for the car? Do you have a power figure you are aiming at?
Well, as Audi managed to fit 2 turbo's onto the earlier S4 2.7 V6 Quattro, then i'm sure you could fit just the one turbo onto the 3.0. But i would agree with the others, a turbo would be far more fun to tune than the supercharger. With a supercharger you just get instant boost as soon as your foot goes down, a turbo, you will feel the boost alot stronger as its released into the engine later hehe. Turbo all the way ;)
You stated you had the 3.0...PES Tuning offers a G3 supercharger package. It should put you well over the 300hp mark. I want to say that the G3 uses a eaton roots type blower...go for Vortech if you want to go for something with an impeller...
Nah rotrex are better for the impeller, more compact and a more modern design and companies like Koineggsegg use them ;) and plus the supercharger would be good as the power delivery will be smoother and will suit the auto/tiptronic a better

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