supercharged MK4 2.0L


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so i know its easier to add a supercharger as apposed to a turbo and sounds like a mod i have enough mechanical know how to do where as i would need somebody to do the turbo for me. so financially a supercharger makes more sense but i want to hear other peoples opinion and some experience from people who have added a supercharger. any input is valuable
really the super is going to be easier but why would you need someone else to do the turbo ?
as long as your handy with a welder then there shouldnt be too much of an issue.

do a search for threads by claymore on here - he has homebrewed a few supercharged cars using easily avalible chargers
yup your name was mentioned.
however ive just noticed this is a MK4 - should have read it really. possibly cheaper to buy the 1.8t rather than try and supercharge the well underpowered 2.0 8v thing that was supposed to be a GTI
never done an engine swap either. what is necessary to do such a swap ie any new parts to make everything work together, new ecu, that sort of stuff. i mean how compatible are they?

supercharger, all brackets, belts etc
decompression plate ( head spacer ) or low comp pistons
Stand alone management and new loom

worth it? no, bin the 2.0 8v and get a 1.8T!
TBH, if you need to ask these questions on a forum, the job is to big for you. (waw that sounds like I'm being a bit confrontational) I know that you'v got to ask certain questions, but you should have a reasonable knowledge to start with.

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