Supercharge or turbo an S2000

I reckon a custom turbo would work best as the engine is designed for light high revving, With a kit from us i reckon we could gain around 60%
60% is a pretty impressive increase. Have you had any issues with the valve springs on the s2000's. I've heard some grumbles about them from people but not sure if it is a weak spot or just a one off?
ive heard of a turbocharged 2000a few years ago, like ACE said it was a full custom build pushing around 420bhp with still some fine tuning of the ECU to do.
The valve bounce would not be caused by forced induction more mayb to do with increasing the rev range, would look into this when building the kit
I've heard about the valve spring issues on a couple of standard s2000's. It just sounded like a bit of a weakspot in the engine.
i would not turbo v-tec , replace it with supra tt engine easy fit look on you tube . honda s2000, awsome

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