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Is it worth the hassle of having a summer/winter car? Does anyone on here actually do this? Do you lay up the summer car in winter or just use it a lot less?

If you don't have a second summer car what is it that puts you off having a separate summer winter car?

For me it's the cost, I just don't do the miles to justify a second car. I think a decent all rounder is the best compromise.
Do not live in an area where the seasonal changes are that dramatic.
Good all round tyres and careful driving in the wintertime have never let me down ;)
If the weathers going to be crap (probably) then the RS will get locked away, yes. There's just no point because you can't enjoy it properly in the ice or snow anyway without fear of some end crashing into you. Would dread to think what the AD08 are like in the snow too lol.
dont see any point unless you have something with powerful RWD and then its not much fun in the snow. The Scoob is great in the winter, if i had a cabrio then maybe that would be for summer use, fine in Vietnam but in Scotland - lets be realistic - i would use it about 2 days a year
The ZS is more a summer fun car as in winter it is not very cosy due to no carpets, trim, doorcards so gets very cold and damp. I do swap the wheels over for winter, bit more grip when wet as the tyres are slightly narrower. This is my back-up car in winter as I commute 350 miles a week. My family car and proper winter car is the Discovery TD5, nuff said ;)
i have both well have 3 cars and a bike
the trans am only comes out on a sunday really for shows and is only a summer car the tax runs out next month and wont renew till march
then have the landrover witch is a summer toy if its wet if it stays dry the mud is not about so dont go off roading so dont use it

then have my astra that i use any time is more a work car
and the bike for when its sunny in the week

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