Suitable land for free practise/test


Renault Clio 172
Hi Guys,

Just wondering, does anyone know of any suitable private/public land/disused airstrips where we could take our non-road legal Renault Clio track car for short straight line test runs without having to fork out a fortune on track days? It just needs to be suitably surfaced with decent run-off space, ideally somewhere in East Yorkshire/North Lincolnshire (would be willing to travel further if the venue is right, though). Most places I used to go to when I was younger (eg. Hibaldstow, Elvington) have now either been developed, bought by motorsport event companies, or used as DZs for skydiving!

We do at least one track day each month, but this would be really helpful for set-up etc so we can really make the most of the paid track days. We are considerate people and won't take the Mick! Also willing to pay a reasonable fee if anyone owns suitable land and is willing to let us on.

Thanks in advance.
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