Suggest to me some Sonata performance mods!



Hey everyone!

I have an 02' Hyundai Sonata with a 2.4-liter, 138 horsepower 4-cylinder engine. What I am looking to do is tune up this car into something personal and awesome.

The thing is that I do not have a lot of car knowledge, so I am mainly looking for this to be a long term project from which I learn, all the while getting a better car.

Mods I am looking to do.
-Engine upgrade (Supercharge, turbocharge, or full engine swap? Any simple mods?)
-Transmission swap into a manual (long term goal)
-Any tips on suspension and brake upgrades?

Of course I am going to do some aesthetic upgrades, such as window tint, rims, paint job, and (maybe) some body upgrades. The sound system is the first thing I am going to work on, since I have the most experience in that area.

So what i am asking is that can you guys point me in the right direction? What mods do you recommend? What don't you recommend? Can you give me some websites for further learning and coming up with ideas?
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Re: Suggest me some Sonata performance mods!

hey and welcome to the site mate

going by what you want. more power and a manual youd be better off buying something sutible
Re: Suggest me some Sonata performance mods!

Start off with some performance pads, if the discs are shot then get bigger disks.

How much are you looking to spend? It will cost a fair bit as there are not many performance parts around for hte Sonata as I'm sure you are finding.
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