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hi guys . i have just purchased a mutant twin 10" sub box off a mate for £7. and i am wanting to know what make of subs i should get.

i listen to a bit of bass music ( dj sammy and things like the need for speed music ) but i also listen to some rock music.

what make of subs do u guys reckon i should get. i like the look of the fusion speakers. but i have a price limit of about £70-£80

any replies will be muchly appreciated. thanks joshy
I have to agree with 2fast. You get much better value with used speakers than new. Always check the frequency response of the speakers along with the RMS power rating and make sure you compare like with like.
hi guys. i ended up buying some new QX AERO 10 SUBS. £60 for 2. but i have one question about them. they have neons/l.e.d's in them and i dont understand , do u wire up the sub and then attach another two cables from the ones on the sub to the l.e.d. or do u attach 2 cables from the amp to the led connectors. has anyone got these subs that can explain how they did it.
well first of all . the instructions had nothing to say about the neon. it was 3 pages . 1st page . guarantee. 2nd page .was how to set ur amp and head unit so u dont blow them and the third was just a bit of paper with a pic of the diameter of the sub. but there were no instrctions on wireing them up. and i think the led's are still/constant/steady lights . not flashing. but considering i paid £60 for em both i would of thought they would supply instructions. well i plan to get the shop i bought them from to wire it all up for me. just so i dont mess it up. lol

the subs are called qx aero and there the 10 inch ones . if u wanna look em up
well i installed the lights by piggy backing them off the boot light. this is my new sub box . i got rid of the mutant box. too square and it looked untidy

i will post another pic of it at night when u can see the neons better
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well im not sure on the volume size . but it sounds more bass than the last box i had. also what difference will it make to the sound if i mount them magnets out. and will i have to mount them any special way or is it just unscrew turn ova and screw back up? cos i like the look of subs when they r magnet out . they look better to me . and more unusual
o right cool. might do that then but then again me and my bro took an hour installing the neons and i dont want it to go to waste by turning them ova lol. but i might turn one ova . just for looks and to be different. cheers
I have used JBL, Skar Audio, MTX subs and found all these brands work great. The main thing is your budget. Not everyone is going to spend $500 on a sub so first of all, you need to know how much you are going to spend and what type of sound quality you need.
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