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Hi all,i have a 99 Honda accord 20esi which has only done 54,000 from new.
What i would like to know is what other honda rims will fit this ie:jazz,civic etc.
Also what would be the best aftermarket exhaust to fit bearing in mind i don't want it to sound like some chav mobile.
Any forth coming advice would be gratefully received.
Hello mate. Welcome to TC. The rims from the Accord Type R would be a nice upgrade. I think your PCD is 4x114 so only Accord rims will fit. The Civic and Jazz are both 4x100.

If you only want subtle then a nice set of wheels, a set of lowering springs and a few little visual touches will work well (e.g. colour coding). Exhaust wise I'm not sure on which one for the Accord, but if you're worried about noise, then you could always go custom.
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