strut brace

No the strut towers are different distances apart. Get a custom one made. You might find that the VW equivalent is suitable, is this the Polo? They are all built on the same platform AFAIK.
Skoda Fabia, Seat Ibiza mk4 and VW Polo 9n are same cars. Think even Audi A2 is the same. You should be fit with either of mentioned strut braces. A lot of Fabia owners talks about Seat Sport strut brace and I think you can find it in UK for about 55-65 pounds.
Hope that helps.
I see you got 1,4 engine. Suposse it is petrol unit and you got no box on drivers strut tower like TDI owners do, so you can find right strut brace with ease in my opinion.
Hope you will writte here what you find. :)

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