Strenghtening my block for future turbo!



I'm new on this forum! I bought a very nice GSR 1996 about 14 months ago.
Now, I'm almost done with the installation of my audio setup.
I'm planning in having a turbo as soon as possible.
I am just wondering what exactly I should change in my block to get it resistant enough for a turbo. For me, a car of around 350-400 hp (to the wheels) would be perfect!!

I was told to change my crankshaft, also my pistons and rods.
Do you think something else should be done (cam? New sleeves?)
What do you guys think about oversizing the sleeves?
For a good price, someone told me to go with Eagle (crank) and JE for the rest (pistons and rods). Is that good or could I get better for the same price?

Thank you very much
pull it down, get the cylinders done 20 or 40 oversize , replace internals with better quality forged ones not cast, not too aggressive on the cam stage or it will idle rough,
stainless gasket of get the block o-ringed, fit and plumb turbo, maybe a stronger clutch and tranny to keep the power constant and smooth, imo anyhow

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