Street legal 33gtr runs 8.82 at the pod


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Just ran at the pod on saturday

A good mate of mine Jeff ludgate ran a 8.82 with 154mph terminal speed in the street car catorgary at the flame and thunder show at the pod on saturday

Backed up with a 8.90 half an hour later.

8 82 @ 154mph - YouTube

if you want to see 1.34 60' from a road legal car
It runs on race fuel and has nos but nothing outrageous

As for tyres there are definately street legal but I dont know which ones.
Jeff runs with me in the Jap Drag Series Street class. He uses the same tyres as me too which are Mickey Thompson ET Streets in a 26/11.50/17 although he might be on 16" rims. So technically a DOT marked street tyre but not E marked and therefore not UK street legal.

it is street legal as far as road worthiness goes.....with the exception of 'street' tyres for the strip. Having said that I have been known to opt for my R888's on certain track days depending on track conditions

Street classes in the UK usually require that the car is taxed, MOTd and insured. Some classes require that the car also has to be able to fill up at a regular fuel station and start when hot :) Driving on the highway requires the tyres to be legal.

R888s are road legal in the UK at the moment.
Holy smelly stuff. That was awesome. Looked liked it was fired from a canon or something, brilliant, thanks for that sleeper.

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