Strange problem with 307 XSI


Peugeot 307
Hi Everyone,

Recently I am having a strange problem with my 307.
When the engine is cold and I start it, the car reves are low and I can't pull away unless i rev the engine to about 2500 rpm. If I try to pull away when reving less, the car just jaults as if there wasn't enough fuel going to the engine (that's best way i can describe the problem).

I have the catylic converter fault sign that is showing and I was wondering if that could be the cause of the problem. Could changing the cat solve such a problem or would it more related to the engine ie: carburettor?

I was thinking of removing the cat but its illegal in Dubai so im going to now. But how do I know if the cat needs changing and ive been told that the cat warning light on the dashboard could also be an electronic fault.

I hope someone has some advice for this and thanks in advance for this.

Well our Jarrus is the acknowledged Peugeot expert on here, with a bit of luck he might see this and offer you a few ideas to try! Failing this, I am sure that somebody will be along in a little while who might be able to help you!

Good luck ;)
Might be the lambda probe if the cat light is on, or it might just be blocked, best to take it for a good old thrash first to see if that sorts it out.
just to add I know on some peugeots they have 2 lambda probes, one before and one after the cat, there might be a fault with the post cat one or it's picking up the fact there is something wrong with the cat itself like it being blocked,

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