Strange noise when accelerating drivebelt area , alternator pulley EXTREMELY hot to touch, please help asap ( videos included )


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Hey all.

Car - 57 plate Vauxhall/Opel Vectra C 1.9 cdti 120bhp.

I have been hearing a loud rattling/grating type noise from the drive belt area for about 3 months and there is also a sudden short chirp when the engine is started. , so 4 days ago I replaced the tensioner pulley again ( only put a new one on 3 months before) to rule out it being that. The tensioner pulley looks aligned properly and I assume if it wasn't then the belt wouldn't go on, which it does. It also seems plenty tightened down enough.

I was driving tonight suddenly I heard a strange noise when accelerating , noise came from drive belt area, took belt off all pulleys spun fine but I noticed the alternator pulley was red hot, scorching hot. The tensioner pulley felt fine not overly hot and the other pulley felt fine too.

Video link >> Strange noise on accelerating

As I was spinning the alternator pulley by hand it seemed to spin ok back and forth ( not sure how to test them but it span freely backwards and front ) but I noticed a squeaking noise when I wobble the alternator pulley, is this normal and could this be what has caused this issue ? I don't recall hearing it squeaking a while ago when I had belt off.

the belt itself doesn't appear too bad in condition ( 3 months old )

here is the clip of the alternator pulley, please tell me your thoughts on this. thanks

Video link >> Squeaky alternator pulley, normal or not ?

Here is also a photo of the belt, although it looks glazed ( this has happened gradually over last few weeks while the rattling/grating type noise has been present in drive belt area ) the belt doesn't look to be affected by the issue that happened tonight it isn't shredded or anything and looks the same as it did before this problem began tonight.


Also as I said I'm sure the tensioner pulley is fitted properly in alignment because otherwise I'd assume the belt wouldn't go on , it seems straight and tight enough , it was only fitted 5 days ago , the noise had been happening for 3 months so I don't think it's anything to do with tensioner pulley but please let me know if it looks out if alignment ( tensioner pulley below alternator pulley )

Sounds like the alternator bearings are shot if the pulley wobbles.
Hi, it barely wobbles whatsoever but if I wobble it tom to bottom there is a tiny amount of movement.
Today it was tested with a multimeter, with engine off the battery tested over 12V but with engine running it tested 11V then fluctuated to 12v and then at the highest 13 v then dropped back to 12 v

Is this a sign of a bad alternator ? Thanks
It's difficult to diagnose faults not being there in person BUT going on what you are saying I would remove the altenator and have an auto sparkie check it over and if needed fit new bearings OR a recoed exchange unit.

Problem solving is a process of elimination .

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