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Hi all, just fitted 4 x continental sport contact 2 tyres and have had boge struts and shocks fitted to my a4 1.8 t sport. Still get a bit of body roll the question is - can i fit an anti roll bar from say an a4 2.6 to improve handling or what would fit?
This car brakes late,turns in ,grips, accelerates and powers out of a roundabout once it is set up on the way in.
All i want now is to make it feel just a little more level, less roll but i guess it shares its bar with most of the a4 range
would like to know the best option without too much expence as just done seven hundred and sick squid on shocks and tyres.
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i would say go for an uprated one. chances are the same one is used on the 1.8t and the 2.5. there are a couple. 16mm 18mm or 20mm. look for an uprated pair from newspeed or H&R
Boge? Tbh, £700 on shocks and tyres is dirt cheap. You won't even get a good set of coilovers for that which is what you want if you want less body roll. Most shocks and spring setups without spending big bucks on the big boys are far too soft of proper hard driving.
thanks for the reply,drove to work today got undertaken doing 80 on a duel carrgwy by a bmw x6 he was at a tonne plus and had trouble controlling himself at a roundabout which was being used,his braking was mis judged or he was trying to bully one of the cars that he felt had got in his way. he turned off then .
Dont get me wrong ,i can carry quite a bit of momentum through a corner and the turbo does pull you through the other side( on a road i know),for a front wheel drive it will drift(i would say do a four? two tyre power slide) as accererated out of a corner .
Is your car 4x drive and does it slide under control on all four when driven on your regular route? i am trying to keep this one as original spec as poss. at least what shows of course.It is mapped i could get it custom mapped on a rolling road for 200 quid from my people .
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