Stereo wont turn on and clock dim - HELP


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Peugoet 306 XL 1.4
i fitted a new stereo and was working fine for about half an hour, then it cut out and wouldn't turn on cant quite remember how it happened. and i noticed the clock display is a different colour/ much dimmer. i checked the cables, refit the old stereo and still the same. pretty sure all fuses are good. any suggestions as to what could be wrong? thanks
^^ As young J stated above, and I would also check to see that the live 12 volt cable you are using is actually supplying 12 volts, there are other voltages being used around the car for some devices which are less than 12 volts. For this check you will need a proper multimeter and NOT a lamp tester. You can pick these up today quite easily from DIY stores, Halfords, Maplins etc. Also you should double check the earth connection that you are using, is it actually an earth? Do not make an assumption due to the colour of the cable being used.
A live cable WILL if not switched on and with sufficient resistance to the device it is connected too will make enough of a path to be an "earth or negative" until something is switched on that is!
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