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Hello Guys

I just wanted to share this error with you guys.

I brought my car to a renault clio dealer from where i bought the car,because the car was not starting and the gear shift lever was lock into park.

they change the computer that is on the side of the battery,that is facing the engine and also the little black box that is on top of the

But before the above problem my transmission was working fine and changing gear smoothly. but now they have return me my car,it has a delay in the gear changing.Now i hope you all can understand the nature of work that have been done to this that why i post the thread before this.thanks

Guys i am so upset but life most go on. God is good

Best regards
Is it an auto? If so there are quite a few modern auto tranmissions that need to learn the engine change points again and it will take a couple of hundred miles.

Did the engine seem quite lumpy as well at first?
Yes its and automatic and the engine works fine.yesterday i drove the car and you can hear some of the gears changing and some of them delaying,and even when climbing hills sometimes the car changes all gears fine.
An intermittent delay certainly doesn't sound right. I'd get it back to the dealers and give them the task of troubleshooting. As it has already been in and they have not fixed the issue i would throw it back to them to sort out.

Does it do this in a particular gear or at a specific speed?

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