starting a local car club

harley royce

australia, geraldton
stage2 r33 gtst
hi everybody over here in rural western australia there arent particulary many options for car clubs tojoin unless we want to drive atleast 4 hours, so me and my mates arejust about to start one of our own, weve got about 15 members as far, so only a small group so far, anyways has anyone had experience with organising clubs and cruises? what works and what dosent?
Set rules and enforce them. You don't want a few idiots ruining it for the rest.

Organise trips to places for things like a BBQ, Pub lunch or Cinema so there is something interesting to do at the meet.

Use our "groups" function to create a local group and you'll have your own mini forum:D (see the Community button for more on this).

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