stainless steel headers and its gains on a vtec


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prelude 2.2vtec jap
ive picked up a stainless steel 4 branch manifold, front pipe, and another straight pipe that leads into the cat for 50 euros, its a janspeed system

ive put it on my car and have noticed huge power gains
low end torque has increased, and my rev limiter has an extra 2 revs

but this is the part that intrests me
my vtec before kicked in at 5200 rpm
with the stainless on, it kicks in at 4900 revs under full throttle, half throttle its 5200 rpm as normal

the kick is the same strenght,and trough out the rev range it seems to be getting faster and faster. and its been like this since saturday,(when i fitted it) its now wednesday and not once has the engine managment light come on, neither has it lost or burnt any oil (all normal aswell)

this is my first time getting stainless steel manifolds and exhaust, for any 1 with performance cars, this is a must do mod, if you dont like niosy back boxes, thats ok, i have the standard system from the cat back

but back to why the vtec is kicking in earlier, would this be because the engine is breathing much better now??
im eager to know about all this, thanks;)
Not to much clued up on this,But i always thought the ecu managment determined when the change over happened even if ya got the car breathing better and the manifolds etheir gave better gains at lower revs or higher depending manifold you used. 4-1 or 4-2-1 manifolds.I thought the only way you could change the change over was with a diff ecu,mapped ecu or v-tec controller.
4-2-1 is what i have, i thought it was ecu related too, but this is whats happened
no e/m light either, so i presume its all good
as far as i know 4-2-1 are a bit better for high rev engines.Get more gains at mid an top.So its all good for you plus the v-tec kick in.Carnt see no probs happening wi just putting new mani on.
been to the garage today and i asked why is this happening??

the mec told me its to do with the heat and fumes, and when the lamda sensor reads it
if it wasent, or if it was bad, id have warning lights long ago, its all normal he said

so a cheap and cheerfull mod ive got, happy days
Along with induction, it usually is for any car boss. You won't be seeing sod all but noise from that backbox. Full system is where it's at.
i heard people on about full stainless steel systems before and that all it was is a load of noise and a waste of money

since getting 1, i now know why their talked about so much

in high performance cars, they are a must get
Oh, I do agree. A properly built S,Steel system is an absolute must for performance gains. If you want to flow more air in you must get the gases out equally as quick to reap any real gains.

Mind you, even in a particularly well tuned road car you really don't need any bigger bore than 3 inch, it's just ostentatious:bigsmile:

I've had systems on various cars, from V engined lumps, 4x4's and std road cars, they always made a difference to drivability.

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