Squeaking from wheels


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Appleton, WI
HondaAccord 94 2.2L
I don't know if it's my brakes, but every time my car sits for a while and I drive it, it makes a squeak for about one minute and then it goes away. Is this bad or should I not worry about it?
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To be honest mate I wouldn't worry. If the car has been stood then it's most likely to be a little build up of rust. But when you drive it you'll remove that anyway. Just be easy on the brake for the first few miles.
It would be worth checking that the pads are not dragging. This can cause bad performance, overheat the pads and disks and all sorts of issues.

It might just be a wheel bearing that needs lubricating.
oh thnkx. Well I don't have time to check, but probably by next week. How do i determine if my brake pads, rotor, or wheel bearing is bad? does is rust?
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